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Fancy-Ass Fried Egg Burger

While I certainly didn't invent the concept of throwing a fried egg on top of a burger (that guy must have so many yachts), I do have a pretty awesome new twist on it that you're going to want to get in on. And it's pretty easy to make, so sanitize yourself and lets do this.

My apologies for not having more pics of the process. I was invoking a bit of culinary ingenuity and didn't know if it would work out as planned, so I was ill-prepared for proper photojournalism. Obviously it turned out insanely good, which is why I'm sharing it here for you, my keto-peeps.

What you'll need

1. Grass-fed, high-fat ground beef (75/25 or 80/20). And be sure to get it sourced from a local farm, and/or a place that isn't a total dick to their animals. Here's a couple of locators to find these in your area- Certified Humane, Eat Wild.

2. Sea Salt

4. A free-range egg (not just cage-free, for the difference, see here)

5. Raw cheese (any kind you like), about 1/4C grated

5. Organic onion (1 thin slice)

6. Diced Green Chiles (1-2TBSP)

7. Kerrygold Butter (about 2tsp, cold, do not soften or let sit out first)

8. Tamari (wheat free soy sauce), 1/4tsp

9. Bourbon, preferably Bulleit 10 Year. This is just for you to drink while you're cooking.

What you'll do

1. Gather up your portion of delicious meat into something resembling a baseball

2. Throw 1/4tsp of sea salt on top

3. Sprinkle on 1tsp of 21 Seasoning Salute

4. Add 1-2TBSP of an approved cooking oil into a non-toxic pan and turn it up to medium-high heat

5. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, and cover a baking/cookie sheet with parchment paper

6. Fold and knead all the dry seasonings into the beef until you disperse everything thoroughly

7. Shape the meat into a bowl-shaped structure

8. Add the Tamari sauce and mix/knead/fold it into the meat

9. Flatten and spread the meat, then add the pat of Kerrygold Butter to the center

10. Fold the meat around the pat of butter, shaping your burger, hiding the butter in the middle like a sexy little surprise

11. Place your burger patty on a cutting board or plate, and grab a mug or glass (with a base diameter about 70% of the size of your patty) and press it down into the center of the meat, creating a deep impression. You can rub a dab of coconut oil onto the bottom of the glass first to prevent sticking, and it certainly won't hurt the flavor of your burger.

12. Use your hands to pinch up a nice edge and flatten out the center part even more. Since I'm a jackass and didn't take a pic of the process, here's an image that exemplifies the concept from the last time I made keto-pizza. Just do this on a smaller scale, and with beef instead of pizza crust.

13. With a spatula, lay the prepped patty into the pan full of hot butter, edges up.

14. Cook for about 2 minutes

15. Flip, then, if you stick the landing, flip the patty and cook the other side for about 2 minutes (meat should be quite rare in the center at this point)*.

*Adjust cooking time if needed, be sure not to get the burger anything past rare, but you don't want to leave it raw on the outside either. Like most good things in life, this could take practice.

16. Remove the patty from the pan and place it, edges up, on the parchment covered cookie sheet. There should be some inflation of your impression in the meat, but it shouldn't have risen/flattened out completely.

17. Crack an egg, and let it fall into the impression in the meat. Ideally it won't bleed over the edges at all and will remain entirely contained, but if it spills over a little, just drink bourbon and keep going.

18. Grate raw cheese over the egg until you can't see the egg anymore

19. Artistically arrange onion slices over the cheese

20. Distribute diced green chilies over the whole mess

21. Throw it in the pre-heated oven (400 degrees), for about 12 minutes, on the top rack*

*Depending on the size of your burger and how well your oven works, it could be anywhere from 10-15min, so keep an eye on it. Remove it as soon as the egg looks cooked. This should leave you with a medium rare burger.

22. Eat it, then leave a comment below about how this meal changed your life.

Obviously feel free to sub out toppings, doesn't have to be onions and diced green chilies. Get crazy, live hard.

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