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Fancy-Ass Fried Egg Burger

While I certainly didn't invent the concept of throwing a fried egg on top of a burger (that guy must have so many yachts), I do have a pretty awesome new twist on it that you're going to want to get in on. And it's pretty easy to make, so sanitize yourself and lets do this.

My apologies for not having more pics of the process. I was invoking a bit of culinary ingenuity and didn't know if it would work out as planned, so I was ill-prepared for proper photojournalism. Obviously it turned out insanely good, which is why I'm sharing it here for you, my keto-peeps.

What you'll need

1. Grass-fed, high-fat ground beef (75/25 or 80/20). And be sure to get it sourced from a local farm, and/or a place that isn't a total dick to their animals. Here's a couple of locators to find these in your area- Certified Humane