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Confused about nutrition? You should be. Current advice sucks. Get in here and learn some stuff. A wonderful marriage of legit science and questionable humor.

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If you're a Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach that wants to learn some next-level shit and get better results than your competition, these webinars are for you, my friend.  


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Fitness Professionals & Coaches, read these...
Kristie Winter & Michelle Trasey

Kristie Winter & Michelle Trasey

We were introduced to Marc and he changed our lives!  He opened our eyes to a whole new approach, even though it went against everything we were taught. We thought we were working out and eating right (based on our Nutrition degrees), but after taking a few of his webinar courses, we were so intrigued by what we were learning that we hired him as our nutrition coach. It made such a huge difference that we've totally changed our approach with clients! -Owners, TwinFitness & Elite Coaching

Todd Nief

Todd Nief

I'm a continuing education junkie, and I reached out to Marc based upon an article he had written that I managed to search out from some dark corner of the internet. He's taken me through some pretty advanced information regarding helping my clients maximize their performance, their health and their well-being through lifestyle and nutrition. Owner of South Loop Strength & Conditioning CrossFit Level 3, Pn1, USAW Level 2

Shelby Eads, BS, CPT, Pn1, FNS

Shelby Eads, BS, CPT, Pn1, FNS

Even as a Personal Trainer with a degree in Exercise Science and a certified Precision Nutrition Coach, I have learned an extraordinary amount of information from Marc. He taught me about things like advanced lab testing, hormonal balance, how fats and carbs really work in the body, detoxification, supplementation, and more. If I’m ever stumped on anything about nutrition, or have a challenge with a client, I know I can reach out to Marc and he’ll have the answer.

Accountants, Housewives, Lawyers, Crossfitters, Entrepreneurs, Uber Drivers, and everyone else read these...
Burton McLucas

Burton McLucas

One day I woke up weighing 312 lbs at 5'7". Like much of America, I had managed to become obese gorging myself with processed junk food. With Marc's help, I lost 112 lbs in a 12 month period! He guidance and insight helped me through the tough times and sticking points. Whenever I meet someone who needs help with weight loss, Marc is the first person I recommend.

Leah Rosenthal

Leah Rosenthal

Although I’ve been working out for many years and watching what I eat, I needed focus and some fresh ideas. Marc provided a deeper insight into nutrition and lifestyle changes I needed to help achieve my goals. The best plan in the world doesn’t do any good if I don’t follow it; Marc’s unique approach has helped me learn the “why” and instead of just focusing on a strict plan, prioritizing the right behaviors and habits to succeed.

Christine McLucas

Christine McLucas

Recently, I was diagnosed with Central Hypersomnia, which makes it very hard to stay awake during the day, because my brain isn't producing enough of the neurotransmitters that keep me awake. My unstable blood sugar was aggravating the situation making me even sleepier. I'm very happy to report that Marc has helped me get my condition under control! After a few months, I've been able to reduce my meds, stabilize blood sugar, lose 6% body fat, control my appetite, and feel so much better!

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