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What is Ketogenic Dieting?

So, for like, a year now, I've been meaning to write an article on the basics of ketosis...a little something for the newcomers, but also something the vets can get into. Describe what it is, dispel a few myths, pepper in some weird jokes, etc.

Then I sprained my ankle playing fantasy football, then my cat drowned which was surprising because I thought cats could swim and also I don't have a cat, then I found out MacBooks are totally NOT resistant to military grade C4. So obviously, I've got a bunch of super legit excuses.

But then Eric from Syxgen contacted me, and reluctantly admitted, that even though he knows pretty much everything there is to know about nutrition, he doesn't know much about ketosis. Other than what he learned in college, which was basically that ketosis is a dangerous medical condition and if you know somebody that has been exposed to ketosis, you should put a black pillowcase over their head, throw them in the back of a van, and immediately rush them to the emergency room.

So I agreed to do an interview for his website about this crazy ketosis stuff.

And I'm told he only had to edit out ONE part that was deemed unnecessarily offensive by test audiences. Shockingly low censoring, I must be slipping.

Give it a read, Eric did a great job of asking some legit questions. Something for everybody here. Except that cat.

Click link below:

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