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How to Make Flavored Pili Nut Milk and Coffee Creamer

What the hell are Pili Nuts?

If you’ve never heard of the Pili Nut, then obviously you’re not following me on Instagram, so go ahead and fix that right now (IG: depasi_fitness).

Sourced from the Phillippines, these are the perfect keto nut. Super high fat, low protein and super low carb. Apparently they are quite popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but Americans haven’t caught on yet. Possibly because most people here in The Land of Obesity aren’t super excited about high fat products, which is unfortunate. If you're not on board with the whole keto thing, I've included instructions for a Pili Nut Coffee Creamer at the end which can be worked into a lower fat nutrition plan.

The Pili Nut is high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and my favorite- saturated fats. Although Stephen James Organics (currently one of the main Pili Nut retailers in the U.S.), Wikipedia, and a few other sources consistently state that the Pili has “the highest Vitamin E content of any nut”, I’ve looked into this and can’t find any actual data confirming this in the research. doesn’t even list any Vitamin E at all in Pili Nuts.

But whatever, who cares. As a keto eater, we’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals from eating the whole animal, and the reason for the excitement about this unique nut (aside from the taste) is the macronutrient ratios, not the micronutrients.